Monday, 24 May 2021

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Smart Corporation Pty Ltd (No 3) [2021] FCA 347

I was having a look at the A4WD case and noted the following customer service gems:

* Your verbal diarrhoea is completely ignorant and lacking of any sense or meaning whatsoever.

* This type of blatant stupidity is not something we take lightly and we will happily progress to legal action if necessary.

* Your email is complete nonsense, and we are very confident that our fact based stance will hold up over your whinging in any court.

* We have had a good laugh reading through your verbal diarrhea, as your stupidity amazes us.

* We have never come across someone so utterly stupid and unaware of their obligations under the contract and you are delusional if you think that we are going to make any exceptions for a customer like you.

* We look forward to you continuing to make a fool of yourself in court.

* Get a lawyer so I can sue your ass of you moron

...and my person favourite - an email to a customer (who was incidentially employed as a NSW Magistrate) which read, in its entirety:

* F##K Off

Sounds like they received their customer service training at Trump University.

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