Thursday, 28 April 2022

Alphabet in the Soup: Google facing three multi-billion Euro abuse of dominance fines

Check out my most recent video presentation in which I provide an overview of the European Commission's three decisions in relation to Google's alleged anticompetitive conduct - (1) the Comparison Shopping case, (2) the Android case and the (3) Adsense case.

Pretty proud of both my pun "Alphabet in the Soup" and being able to cover these three cases in a mere 20 minutes!

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

ACCC Video Case Note - Application by Port of Newcastle Operations Pty Limited (No 2)[2022] ACompT1

Check out my ACCC Video Case Note about the recent successful appeal by the Port of Newcastle against the ACCC's decision to authorise a collective bargaining arrangement for the NSW Minerals Council and ten Hunter Valley coal producers.

ACCC appeals dismissal of Mazda unconscionable conduct allegations

I had a feeling that the ACCC were going to appeal the unconscionable conduct decision to the Full Bench of the Federal Court. The conclusion of no breach did not seem to follow the factual findings and the judge's reasoning was also very brief.

I was surprised to see that Mazda has also appealed some of the findings at first instance on misleading and deceptive conduct, which seemed pretty solid to me.

For those interested in the first instance decision have a look at my You Tube case note with PowerPoint.