Monday, 24 May 2021

Australian Business Law Review, Vol 49, Part 1

The latest ABLR is out and features four excellent articles:

* “Culture” Is Key – An Analysis of Culture-focused Techniques and Tools in the Regulation of Corporations and Financial Institutions – Vicky Comino

* Security for Workers in an Insecure World of Work: Establishing Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining as Fundamental Rights for Australian Workers – Nicholas Saady

* COVID Conundrum: The Influence of Regulatory Regimes on Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in Australia and India – Zubin Bilimoria

* Business Interruption Insurance and the COVID-19 Pandemic – Samuel Walpole and William Isdale

I would like to encourage prospective authors to consider submitting their articles to the ABLR. One significant advantage of seeking to publish your article in the ABLR is our much quicker turnaround times compared to other leading legal journals. We aim to publish practical business law articles on topical issues in a timely manner, which means we have to operate on shorter time frames.

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