Monday, 1 November 2021

US Supreme Court case had kindly offered their assistance in our last ditch attempt to convince AG Michaelia Cash to file an amicus brief in support of our US Supreme Court case.




In just one day, nearly 3,000 Australians have contacted the Attorney-General, Senator Michaelia Cash, asking her to intervene in a David vs Goliath battle playing out in the US Supreme Court between a humble shoemaker and a US corporate giant.

Eddie Oygur’s Sydney-based small business sold just 13 pairs of Ugg boots online to US customers between 2011 and 2016. Because of this, Eddie has been hauled through the US court system by huge multinational US multinational Deckers Brands, who owns the “UGG” trademark in the US. This is despite a long-standing argument from many Aussie and Kiwi Ugg bootmakers that ‘Ugg’ is a general term that should never have been trademarked. 

As a result of this ongoing legal battle, Eddie could end up paying $AUD 3.4 million, unless the US Supreme Court overturns recent decisions. 

The former South Australian Senator and now lawyer, Nick Xenophon is acting on behalf of Eddie Oygur. Xenophon is urging the Attorney-General to file an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court, to assist the Court to better understand the important public and national interests raised by Eddie’s case. 

On Wednesday, Eddie asked his 65,000 petition supporters to lobby the Attorney General, and thousands answered the call. By Thursday evening, more than 2,800 had personally emailed Senator Cash’s office to request she file the amicus brief and stand up for the iconic Aussie Ugg boot.

“I never dreamt so many people would care about my story,” said Eddie Oygur. “That thousands of people have contacted the Attorney-General demonstrates just how passionate Aussies are about this issue. Ugg boots belong to all Australians, and I hope the Attorney General hears us all.” 

“This US supreme court case is the last chance, not just for Eddie, but for Australia to bring Ugg back home, and in the process create thousands of Aussie jobs, “ said Nick Xenophon. “I just don’t get why the Morrison Gov won’t do the right thing and file an amicus brief - time is running out. There are only days left to turn this around. “ 

“Petition organisers often ask their supporters to directly contact Australian politicians,” said Australia’s Acting Executive Director, Nic Holas. “But it’s rare to see thousands take action in such a short amount of time. I don’t think there is any doubt that Australians are very passionate about defending Eddie and our beloved Ugg boot.”

Nick Xenophon and Eddie Oygur are available for interview. 

CONTACT: Nick Xenophon (0411 626 677) or Michael Terceiro (0417 213 226) 

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