Monday, 1 November 2021

FY2021 National Pro Bono Target Report Released

 It is very dissapointing that a significant number of signatory law firms to the National Pro Bono Target missed their target of 35 hours per lawyer over the last year. In fact a whopping 31 of the 53 large law firms or 58.6% missed their targets.

Given all the benefits which large law firms enjoy due to being a signatory to the Target in terms of marketing their firms, winning Government work and securing work from corporates with a strong commitment to ESG, I am wondering whether the Australian Pro Bono Centre should consider introducing a name and shame strategy in the future for firms which consistently fail to meet their targets.

I should add that large law firms are defined as firms with more than 50 lawyers and that the main shortfalls occur in the 50 to 200 law firm category and not the 450 plus lawyer category (although there was one law firm in that 450 plus lawyer category which fell way short of the target only racking up 20.6 hours per FTE lawyer).

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