Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Australian Business Law Review, Vol 48, Part 6

 ABLR Vol 48, Part 6 is out. Four excellent articles and two excellent Section Notes on a wide range of legal issues.

* Doing Wrong for the Right Reasons: ASIC and Foreign Language Business Names by Timothy Magarry

* Off-duty Misconduct and the Employment Relationship: A Review of the Case Law by Dr Giuseppe Carabetta

* Criminalising Wage Theft – Some Observations on Deterrence, Enforcement and Compliance by Mark Lewis

* Carrying on Business in Australia: A Study of Court Judgments by Ian Ramsay and Mihika Upadhyaya

* A More Assertive Approach by ASIC to Using Information-Gathering Powers and Challenging Privilege Claims? by Michael Legg and Daniel Faber

I am very pleased to say that despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 the ABLR has been able to continue publishing high-quality editions throughout 2020, largely on time. I am very thankful to both the Section Editors and Editorial Board who contributed so much in writing and refereeing articles and also to Haydee de Guzman, Senior Portfolio Editor, Thomson Reuters for all her hard work and diligence.

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