Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Australian Business Law Review, Vol 48, Part 5

 ABLR Vol 48, Part 5 has come out. This time four excellent articles and two excellent Section Notes on a wide range of legal issues - free speech, secondary boycotts, statutory unconscionable conduct, privacy and data protection regimes, social enterprise, equity crowdfunding, misuse of market power and blockchain technology.

* Free Speech and Secondary Boycott Activity in Australia by Anthony Gray

* An Examination of Legal Values in Statutory Unconscionable Conduct by Peter Toy

* The Illusion of Control by Radha M Pull ter Gunne (Radha Pull ter Gunne)

* Social Enterprise and Equity Crowdfunding - A Proposal to Share Legal Infrastructure by Dr Akshaya Kamalnath

* Misuse of Market Power: Improving the Australian SLC Model by Brent Fisse

* A Modern Approach to Regulation: Integrating Law, System Architecture and Blockchain Technology in Australia by Marcus Smith Marcus Smith

I hope you enjoy this edition of the ABLR.

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