Monday, 7 December 2020

Criminal cartel charges laid against pharmaceutical ingredient company and its former export manager

 It is very concerning that the ACCC Chairman has chosen to make the following comments in the media about the ALLEGED criminal cartel conduct by Alkaloids of Australia Pty Ltd and its former export manager

“Those who are in pain and need these drugs are paying more. How much more is very hard to tell, but they’re not putting [the price] up by a small amount.”

“These things are really hard to detect, because people doing this know they’re doing something wrong and so usually go to great lengths to hide it,” Mr Sims said.

“So when it does happen you not only take the company to court and hope you get high penalties, but as you can see here we’re bringing criminal charges against Mr Joyce and if found guilty he could go to jail.

“It’s to send the message to people that while you can make money out of cartels, if you’re caught, the penalties are huge.”

The ACCC really need to read up on the concept of sub judice contempt.

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