Monday, 29 June 2020

Charges dropped against executives in corporate kickback scandal

R v Carter and R v Georgiou - talk about a disaster of a case!

The Crown no billed a 13 week criminal trial in the first week after it came out in evidence from one of the lead detectives that the Police:

(1) had not disclosed the existence of a registered informant to the defence;
(2) had thrown away an original, signed witness statement that differed from the final witness statement filed with the brief of evidence; and
(3) relied on Orix's lawyers, Clayton Utz, to review and forward relevant evidence to them.

While I can kind of understand (2) and (3) happening, I just can't understand why you would not disclose the existence of registered informant to the defence.

Former Orix executive George Georgiou leaving the NSW District Court after charges against him were dropped.

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