Monday, 29 June 2020

New Energy Tech Consumer Code

I lodged a submission to the ACCC on behalf two clients in relation to the New Energy Tech Consumer Code. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) didn't seem to like my submission very much describing it variously (and quite repetitively) as:

* generalised (twice)
* unsubstantiated (three times)
* argumentative (twice)
* anonymous (three times)
* making insinuations
* very serious
* potentially vexatious and scandalous
* vague

I am glad to see that, despite the invective, the CEC appears to have agreed with two of my proposals ie to introduce an appeal mechanism for membership applications and to include a requirement that the Administrator observe the rules of natural justice when making decisions.

I wonder if the ACCC will pick up a few more of my other recommendations in the final decision?

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