Saturday, 13 October 2012

Competition and Consumer Law Blog - Index

I realised the other day that navigating this site was becoming increasingly difficult given its size.  There are current 71 blog posts on this site with an average word count of 2000 words  or over 140 000 words of posts.

Therefore, I thought it might be worthwhile to do an index of all the posts with hot links to the various articles so that readers will be able to go straight to any post that they may be interested in reading by clicking the hyper-linked title.   

In coming weeks I will do a second index for The Untold Story: The ACCC’s Role in the Waterfront Dispute posts and the Unfinished Business posts.


The Gathering Storm – an update on the LIBOR Scandal

Update on the unfolding LIBOR scandal from an anti-trust / competition law perspective.

Low balling the LIBOR – the LIBOR rate-rigging scandal

Introduction to the LIBOR scandal, including an explanation of what the LIBOR is and how the scandal was first uncovered.

Blast from the Past Case Summary

Analysis of Tuttle v Buck 107 Minn. 145, 119 N.W. 946 (1909) from a modern Australian perspective

United States v Apple – the E-book case

Outline of the US Department of Justice’s case against Apple and five leading publishers for an alleged cartel in the E-book market.

ACCC’s investigation of Woolworths and Coles: A Blueprint for Action

Outline of Woolworths' and Coles' poor records in contravening Australian competition laws (and what the ACCC should be doing now to catch them!)

ACCC v Ticketek: A non-event?

Critical analysis of ACCC v Ticketek and the true story about the ACCC’s record in pursuing section 46 misuse or market power cases.

Manufacturing Chaos: Country of Origin laws under the Australian Consumer Law

Critical analysis of the many and varied problems with Australia’s country of origin laws.

The ACCC’s Carbon price claims Guide falls short of the mark

The article which forced the ACCC to change its carbon price guidance for small business.

Stocktake of the ACCC’s new powers and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law – the first 18 months

Part 3: Pecuniary penalties, disqualification orders and non-party redress.

Stocktake of the ACCC’s new powers and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law – the first 18 months

Part 2: Infringement notices.

Stocktake of the ACCC’s new powers and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law – the first 18 months

Part 1: substantiation notices and public warning notices.

Messcash: A Comedy of Errors

Critical analysis of ACCC v Metcash and the way both the ACCC and the Court approached the case.

Warranties Against Defects: Coming to grips with Regulation 90 of the Competition and Consumer Regulations 2010

In-depth discussion of the new warranties against defects legislation.

Sims needs to fix ACCC Enforcement

The most significant problems with the ACCC’s enforcement approach (and some practical advice on how to fix them!).

Carbon tax price gouging – understanding the pitfalls

Introduction to carbon price representations and the ACCC.

ACCC search warrants —plan for the worst
A practical guide about how to respond to an ACCC search warrant.

Sims in the hot seat with the Foxtel / Austar merger following Metcash loss
Discussion of the ACCC’s concerns about the Foxtel / Austar merger.

ACCC and the Max Brenner Boycotts
Are the Max Brenner Boycott’s illegal secondary boycotts?

Monsters Inc - No Headhunting Allowed Analysis of the US Department of Justice’s civil settlement with Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe and Lucasfilm for an employee cartel.

Stopping Generic Drug Competition Introduction to reverse pay for delay settlements in generic drug markets.

ACCC Investigatory Insights - Part 3
Section 155 Notices

ACCC Investigatory Insights – Part 2
The Investigatory Process

ACCC Investigatory Insights – Part 1

No privilege for in-house counsel
An analysis of Akzo Nobel Chemicals Ltd v Commissio

Price signalling for dummies.

Woolworths and Children's Safety
Introduction to the ACCC news powers and remedies.

Restrictive supermarket leases: going, going...gone?
ACCC’s administrative settlement with Coles and Woolworths in relation to restrictive supermarket covenants.

Does the ACCC need Public Warning Powers?
Introduction to the ACCC's new public warning powers.

Clarity in Pricing: TPA changes may muddy the waters
New laws requiring businesses to show the full cash price.

Blast from the Past Case Summary
Case note: American Banana Co. v United Fruit Co. 213 US 347 (1909)

Clarifying the Publishers’ Defence – Bond v Barry [2007] FCA 1484
Do’s and don’ts of dealing with the ACCC.

Largest ever fine of $2.7 billion imposed for glass cartel
European car glass cartel settlement.

ACCC to target tardy traders
ACCC's proposed enforcement action in relation to slow payers.

High Court clarifies remedies under Franchising Code
Case note: Master Education Services Pty Limited v Ketchell [2008] HCA 38

Is the ACCC the new anti-counterfeiting cop?
Intersection of consumer law and intellectual property law.
Will Senator’s Joyce’s new law work.

The Relationship between Competition Law and Labour Law
In-depth discussion of the intersection of competition law and labour law.

Samuel still to prove himself on market power cases
Analysis of Graeme Samuel’s record on section 46 cases.