Monday, 29 June 2020

Australian Business Law Review vol 47, Part 5

ABLR Vol 47, Part 5 is out.

Four excellent articles and one timely Section Note:

* Finding the Balance between Profit and Purpose: Should Australia Create a Legal Structure for Social Enterprise? by Alice Klettner

* Sponsor Pressure to Discipline Employees Who Have Expressed Unwelcome Views and Reform of the Business Torts in Australia by Anthony Gray

* Proof of Collusion: The Evidentiary Options When There Is No “Smoking Gun” by Genevieve Rahman and Tina Sun

* “Fair in All the Circumstances”: AFCA’s Discretion to Resolve Disputes by Nick Beaumont SC

* Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct Review – a Continuation Down the Path of Jamming a Square Peg into a Round Hole? by Jenny Buchan.

I hope you enjoy the articles.

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