Friday, 4 September 2020

Australian Business Law Review, Vol 48, Part 4

 ABLR Vol 48, Part 4 has just come out. This time five excellent articles on a wide range of legal issues - the duties of superannuation trustees, tax reform, goodwill restraints of trade, copyright site-blocking and national security and foreign investment regulation. I really enjoyed putting this edition together.

* Might Superannuation Trustees Owe a Duty to Merge? – Scott Donald

* The Challenges of Industrial Revolutions: Luddism and Tax Reform – Kerrie Sadiq and Bronwyn McCredie

* The Frontiers of Restraint of Trade Litigation Protecting Goodwill: Policy, Principles and Practice – Michael Tamvakologos

* From Little Things Big Things Grow: Australia’s Evolving Copyright Site-Blocking Regime – Cheryl Foong and Joanne (Jo) Gray

* The Australian and United States Approaches to National Security and Foreign Investment Regulation – Nicholas Felstead

I am also pleased to announce a new ABLR Section to be entitled “Taxation Law and Practice” to be headed up by Prashanth Kainthaje, Tax Partner with John Winter & Slattery. I look forward to working with Prashanth in making the new Taxation Law and Practice Section a success.

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