Friday, 4 September 2020

Australian Business Law Review, Vol 48, Part 3

 Part 3 has just come out. Again, lots of excellent articles and Section Notes. The legal areas covered in this edition include the proposed mandatory repair scheme, franchising law, fair work bargaining, corporations law, and competition law.

* The Mandatory Repair Scheme for Motor Vehicles 2019: Australia’s First Response to the International Right to Repair Movement? – Leanne Wiseman, Kanchana Kariyawasam and Lucas Davey

* Working for the Brand: The Regulation of Employment in Franchise Systems in Australia – Tess Hardy

* Fair Work Bargaining for Police: A Proposal for Reform – Giuseppe Carabetta

* Are the “Efficiently, Honestly and Fairly” and Unconscionable Conduct Civil Penalty Provisions Equally as Effective in Combating Unfair Practices By Licensees? – Jessica Zarkovic

* Natural Meaning Equals Natural Monopoly: New Declaration Criteria for Access to Services under the Competition and Consumer Act – Michael Gvozdenovic

* ASIC v King – The High Court Clarifies Who Is an “Officer” of a Corporation Jennifer Chambers, Michael Legg and Lindsay Stankovic

Thanks to all the authors and referees for their hard work in getting this edition together pretty much on time.

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