Thursday, 9 July 2020

Australian Business Law Review, Vol 48, Part 2

Very excited about the upcoming Special ABLR COVID-19 Edition. Thanks to Dr Victoria Lambropoulos for suggesting the idea of a Special Edition and for agreeing to be the Guest Editor. Also, thanks to all the authors for their exceptional articles:

* COVID-19, JobKeeper & Stand Down under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth): A Review of the Law – Victoria Lambropoulos

* The Contractual Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate & Financial Transactions – Andrew Godwin

* The Challenges of Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic for Australia’s Franchise Sector – Jenny Buchan & Rob Nicholls

* Courts, Mediation & COVID-19 – Tania Sourdin & John Zeleznikow

* Commercial Litigation and COVID-19 – the Role and Limits of Technology – Michael Legg & Anthony Song

* Frustratingly Unclear? The Interplay Between Common Law, Statute and the ACL in Assessing Consumer Rights in a Time of Crisis – Alex Jane & Jeannie Marie Paterson

* Prepayments, the ACL & the ASIC Act – Philip H Clarke

* COVID Collaboration & Competition Policy: Authorisation vs Forbearance as Crisis Responses – David Howarth & Harriet Alexander

* Transport, Drones and Regulatory Challenges: Risk Accountability Meets COVID Fast Tracking of a Critical Industry – J Tarr, A Tarr & K Paynter


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