Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Milking it?

Murray Goulburn: Gary Helou likely to face fines following ACCC settlement Cases like this one drive me nuts. The ACCC takes legal proceedings against Murray Goulburn (MG) in April 2017. In their action the ACCC decides not to seek any pecuniary penalties against MG. Now here we are 18 months, four case management hearings and seven administrative listings later, and it looks like the case will be settled with MG consenting to declarations and agreeing to make a contribution to the ACCC's costs. Why didn't MG and more importantly its Directors make the call to settle this case 18 month ago? If they had made that decision 18 months ago MG would have saved at least $500,000 in legal costs which they paid to their top tier legal firm, as well as a couple hundred thousand to the ACCC for their costs.

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